Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Target on my Back

I began blogging on July 5th, and I think yesterday was the first 24 hour period I had gone without writing something, and I missed it. I hope you did, too.  

OK - the message in italics was actually written on Sunday, and I am just now getting back to this blog.  Dear friends, now it has been almost 72 hours since I've been able to share with you, and it feels like something is missing in my day when I don't tell you what God is doing for me.  In just a few short days this communication has become a very important part of my life.  Let me try to explain why.

As a teacher, I realize there are two levels of understanding something.  The first level is understanding for yourself.  The second, more comprehensive level is understanding well enough to relay it to others in a purposeful way.  Sharing with you has strengthened my walk with the Lord and deepened my appreciation for and understanding of His grace and mercy.  There has been such a peace, joy, and fulfillment for me since I began this blog. The Lord has been so real to me. That doesn't mean He isn't always real and available, because He is immovable, unshakable, and unchanging.  It just means I'm not always where I need to be spiritually to hear from Him. I sensed a closeness to the Lord, reading what He had to say to me, sharing it with you and just reveling in His presence in my life.  Here's the "kicker" to that.  When I grow closer to my Heavenly Father, it stirs up the biggest hornet's nest for the prince of the power of the air.  Yep, I am talking about sorry, rotten ole' Lucifer himself.

If there is one thing I have learned in my walk with the Lord, it is that when God is doing a work in my life, I feel like I have a huge target on my back (even bigger if it is on my backside - lol) for Satan's arrows.  He hates God.  He resents our love for Him.  First, he is mad as h--- that I am a child of the King, and then when I actually start walking in the power available to me as a child of the King, he goes berserk.  He will do everything in his power to limit or destroy any abundant life in Christ. Here is a thought for us.  He truly doesn't mind that we "sorta" live a Christian life, and I believe we all know what that means. That's not a threat, and actually, it plays very well into his purposes.  That's why the Lord hates "lukewarm." But---when I am living with abundant power through Christ, that is a different story.   By the way, I'm not special; he's out to get you, too.  If the devil is leaving us alone, we aren't much of a threat to his way of life, and I want to be a BIG threat.  How about you?

The devil is sly, calculating and knows our vulnerabilities.  Let me tell you what I allowed the enemy to do.  When our spiritual emotions run high, we are especially vulnerable to Satan's attacks.  I had been on a spiritual high, and I was looking forward to and excited about a wonderful weekend with Frank.  We are doing some refurbishing in the house, and we have always enjoyed doing that together.  Well, friends, I want you to know that we were testy with each other, took what the other said the wrong way, had more than one "snafu" and almost ended up not speaking to each other.  We would recognize our sorry attitude toward one another, apologize, and within another couple of hours, we would be right back where we started.  We finally sat down tonight, and just hashed it out, admitted our failures to one another, asked the Lord to forgive us, and told Satan in the name of sweet Jesus to go away.  By the way, the mere mention of the name of Jesus makes him flee.  What a sight that is.  He slithers away and can't do it fast enough.  My point is, we cannot withstand the attacks of Satan and all of his minions without putting on the whole armor of God.  We know he is roaming the earth daily just looking for someone he can devour.  Those living abundantly in Christ are especially tasty.  He wants to bring us to our knees in defeat and make a spectacle of our defeat for anyone to whom we have tried to be an example of "Christ-likeness."

Now, here is the great news.  God has given us a way to escape any weapon the devil might use against us.  Spending time is His Word, staying in the protective shadow of His wing and keeping our hearts and minds tuned in to His heart and mind.  The devil has no power that we don't give him through our neglect of our power drink each day - God's Word.  So, drink up at the well that never runs dry, get up and keep running the race set before us, and wake up each morning with renewed vision of  the face of Jesus when He says, "well done, a race well run." Love to each of you.  I am still approaching each day with joy.  Are you?  Mecca

PS. I got up at 5:00 am and walked on Monday.  It was a miracle.  Then this evening, I walked for an hour.  I've been watching what I eat as well.  So thankful.  Just wanted you to know so you would be encouraged.