Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Story of Storms, Flashes, and Sweet Sleep

Before I start talking about sweet sleep again, I just wanted you all to know that I have exercised every day this week.  If I can do it, you can too.  I am sorry if you are struggling with the "choice to move."  It might sound like a simple choice, but it isn't always simple.  Walking each day is an extraordinary accomplishment for me.  I have been an avid walker in my lifetime, but after I re-sprained my bad ankle about 3 years ago, I just haven't gotten my fervor back for consistent exercise of any kind - well, I take that back.  I am pretty consistent at bending my elbow from table to mouth and exercising my jaw muscles as well.  I usually tell everyone that the verse, "set a guard before my mouth, keep the door of my lips" makes me think of the Royal Guard at the Queen's Court in London.  The guard goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between a fairly short distance.  I keep thinking there is a little centurion running one way to keep words from coming out of my mouth and running back to keep food from going in.  That little feller is tired by the end of the days he is assigned to me, and I am sure his sleep is sweet.  That is actually a scriptural statement.  In Ecclesiastes 5:12 it says "the sleep of a laboring man is sweet..."

Now to the point of the post: Last night I was determined to walk so that I could keep my commitment to exercise every day.  There were ominous storm clouds forming, lightening flashing sporadically, and the wind was picking up.  Frank was out in the front admiring the little Japanese garden he planted.  I asked him if it started to rain, would he please come pick me up.  He couldn't just say he would.  He indicated he was really tired and was going to bed.  I didn't feel very cherished (a woman needs to feel cherished, ya know), and I told him so.  I also knew he was jesting.  I went on with my walk and as I came back around the bend, he was standing in the middle of the street in front of our house, and called down the street, "baby, you can make it another round; it's not raining yet; it's only lightening a little bit; hold your stomach in." Now, what man, who doesn't need to lose any weight and has all of his mental faculties, would say that out loud, much less holler it down the street? I thought, "do I just act like I don't know him, cuss him or laugh at his ignorance?  I didn't know which one to choose; so as I got closer, I mooned him.  

Bless his heart, he thought there was a windstorm coming out of the north with an immense cloud and flashing lightening. It might as well have been.  I promise it was dark. No one saw but him, and I surely felt vindicated.  There was suddenly a little extra spring in my step.  He was silently waiting for me each time I rounded the bend, and I finished my walk in peace.  I loved that he was waiting for me.  I slept sweet last night.  Is there anything spiritual about that story?  Any life lesson to be learned?  Just be kind, cherish your spouse, and don't give exercise advice in the middle of the street. That way, lightening from heaven will be the only flashing going on.  The End

PS - Tonight I did an hour of Zumba and remembered to hold in my stomach, but don't tell Frank. 

Best tip for a sweet sleep - Live every day like it will be your last.  Give your best for as long as you can, and be thankful to your Heavenly Father for the beautiful gift of sleep to keep you healthy - mentally, physically and emotionally.  Don't sleep too much, or we will be calling you a sluggard.  I wish you all fitful, sweet sleep.  Think about the gift of new mercies and great faithfulness waiting for you when you wake up.  Sweet Dreams