Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amazing Results of Prayer

Ok, it's prayer one more time.  The more I think about it, read about it, and dwell on it, the more I learn. I started listing the amazing results of unceasing prayer in my own life.

I wish this were an interactive blog so you could add the benefits you have in your own life from unceasing prayer.  Here are a few of mine:

  1. Keeps me in the presence of God

  2. Keeps me from sin

  3. Gives me confidence

  4. Strengthens my faith

  5. Gives me peace

  6. Makes even my enemies to be at peace with me

  7. Gives me contentment

  8. Satisfies my longings

  9. Gives me a longing for Jesus

10. Keeps my conscience clear

11. Keeps my heart pure

12. Gives me rest

13. Gives me boldness

14. Makes me kind

15. Increases my patience

16. Helps me to be gentle

17. Gives me compassion

18. Burdens my heart for the needs of others

19. Helps my wrinkles (I smile more)

20. Makes me smile

21. Draws others to the Holy Spirit within me

22. Gives me wisdom

23. Provides clarity

24. Changes me

25. Changes others

26. Changes situations

27. Makes miracles happen

28. Helps my health

29. Keeps me teachable

30. Causes me to trust

31. Helps me to be obedient

32. Provides a conduit for the "still, small voice"

33. Helps me recognize when I don't hear the "still, small voice"

34. Confirms I am a child of God

35. Changes my desires

36. Helps me sleep

37. Gives me an "attitude of gratitude"

38. Deepens my relationship with Jesus

39. Deepens my relationship with my husband

40. Deepens my relationship with friends

41. Gives me favor with my supervisors at work

42. Blesses the lives of those around me

42. Gives me joy

43. Decreases the power of and my reliance on the "flesh"

44. Gives me spiritual breath

45. Causes me to desire the Word of God

46. Bewilders those with worldly wisdom

47. Provides opportunities to share my faith in Jesus

48. Causes me to be strong when I am weak

49. Gives me hope

50. Makes me more like Jesus

51. Gives me victory

52. Helps me to be disciplined

53. Protects me

54. Hides me from my enemy

...and that is just the first 54.

Why oh why, sweet friends, would we spend so much money on wrinkle creams, diet plans and pills, stress releasers, massages (I really like those), self help books, books on how to win friends and influence people,  -  when we have the power of prayer?  There are probably many more benefits that I didn't think of.

When we are children of God through faith in the redeeming power of the blood of His, Son, Jesus, we have a straight line of communication with the God of the Universe. He has every answer to every issue, problem or situation that will ever arise.

He knows our hearts and knows what we need before we even ask (Matt 6:8); but He wants us to communicate with Him because of all of the benefits I just listed.  He is NEVER surprised by anything we will ever encounter, any need we will ever have, and appreciates our expressions of praise and gratitude through prayer.

Prayer - it is now one of the identified core values for my life.  I am going to consistently draw on its power, yield to its sway, become what it makes me, more like Jesus in every way.  How wonderful to be able to pray with all sincerity, "Lord, all of you, and none of me."  If I want to see my life changed, time spent in the Word of God and in prayer is my key to victory.  It's yours, too.  Let's agree to begin afresh seeking the face of God.  Can't wait for tomorrow - new mercies and great joy.

And all God's people said, "Amen and Amen."  Love to all, Mecca