Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day in the Life

...of unceasing Prayer:  Still thinking about prayer.  Once again, if prayer is my spiritual oxygen, I have to recognize its power and realize how important it is to keep the power from being short circuited by ensuring there is nothing between my soul and the Savior.  When that is accomplished, unceasing prayer is very natural.

I thought I would share with you what a day in the life of unceasing prayer has looked like for me when I have been obedient and walked with the Lord without shame or guilt.

5:30 am - "Good Morning Sweet Jesus, thank you for a good night's sleep.  My knees hurt a little bit this morning, but I'm thankful it's not worse as much stair climbing as I did yesterday.  Thank you for your mercies that are new this morning and your faithfulness; thank you that Mother is feeling good, and she is still with us.  Thank you that Papa is feeling good, and Lord help him to realize he is getting older.  He doesn't know it yet.

Thank you........ (and so it goes, acknowledging He is sovereign, asking Him to search my heart; asking forgiveness for any transgression He brings to mind; talking to Him as I would in the familiar relationship with my earthly daddy, trusting His love for me; praying for those people and situations He has laid on my heart, asking for strength to accomplish what I believe He has laid before me to accomplish today; and above all asking Him to help me keep my heart stayed on Him so others will see Jesus in me.)

6:30 am - get a text message saying a meeting has been changed to include a couple of people that I really have a difficult time being around.  What I think is neat is that the Lord let me know that. "Lord, you are not surprised by this, and you are allowing it.  Please set a watch before my mouth and keep the door of my lips.  Help my goal not to be right, but to reflect You.  Go before me, help me to see these people as you see them.  Give me clarity and sense of purpose, and I will trust you with the outcome."

7:30 am - Frank prays for us both before he leaves for work.  (I loved his words that morning)."Lord, thank you that you have taken the venom out of the serpent and the teeth out of the lion's mouth for those of us who belong to you..."  He went on to ask for all the host of angels available to watch over my car since I was in a hurry and it was one of those days I might "run over fire hydrants and small children" because I was running late. (I think I have talked about that before.)

8:15 am - Drive to work, "Oh, Lord, thank you so much I saw the huge piece of metal in the road - almost tore up my tire.  Whew! Glad those angels were posted.  That would have certainly changed my day."

9:45 am - walk by the Crispy Creme donuts, fruit, and other assorted breakfast items as I head for "the" meeting.  "Lord, now that 'ain't' right for those donuts to be in my pathway."  To which He replies, "either get some fruit or look away and keep walking.  You can certainly choose to have a donut, but you and I both know you will not be happy and will be asking me later this evening why I didn't help you.  Make the right choice now, and we will rejoice together this evening."  I keep walking that time.  My conversations with the Lord after failure are much different than they are that evening.

10:00 am - Stop at the door of "the" meeting to thank the Lord for already preparing the way and for His faithfulness.  Meeting is a little tense, but God is good, and my reactions honor the Lord.  That is all that matters.  As I walk out, "thank you, Lord.  I appreciated your presence and wisdom." I am not stressed, and donuts don't sound good anymore.

Noon - walk by a co worker's office, "Lord, bless ---, I know she is worried about her son.  Comfort her heart and provide me the opportunity to be a blessing to her today."  The Lord whispers, "she needs to feel appreciated."  I stop to say how much I appreciate everything she does and what a blessing she is to me.  That draws a huge smile, and a hug.  Isn't that neat?  The Lord knows I looooooovvvvveeee a good hug.  We are both blessed.

3:00 pm - Spill Diet Coke all over the desk (said I wasn't going to drink them anymore anyway) and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I didn't say "Oh, s---," before I could catch myself.  I immediately look around to see if anyone hears me, and whisper, "Lord, I'm so sorry.  I've said that enough being funny, that now it comes out when I don't want it to."  Forgive me.

3:30 pm - receive an annoying email.  I get on it immediately and set the sender straight on the facts. I start to hit the send button, when the Lord whispers, "Wait.  Save and read in a little while.  If it still sounds right, send it."

4:30 pm - read email again as I am checking on the things I need to complete that day, and while everything I said was correct, and I had the right to say it, it could be softened.  I soften it, hit 'send,' and thank the Lord for the wisdom and warning.

5:00 pm - Frank calls, and it is irritating to me because he is bugging me to leave when I know I have to finish a few more things.  He is trying to get me to be more balanced in my work - an area where I have never had balance in my life.  This time, the conversation has a good outcome since the Lord is whispering, "at least he wants you at home to spend time with you.  Not everyone has a husband that cares if she is home or not."

There are several more points before I go to bed that I have these ongoing conversations with the Lord. If life is 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how we respond to it (Chuck Swindoll), think how differently my day could have gone if I had not communicated with the Lord during the day.  I would have missed out on blessings, caused issues for myself, and maybe caused a "tiff" between Frank and me.

My spirit is different, the joy of the Lord provides me energy to exercise, I have an "attitude of gratitude," and my sleep is sweet.  All of this is because of my spiritual oxygen.  Believe me, when my oxygen tube is clipped shut by disobedience, my days are much different.

Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul, for walking with me through every situation in life, for remaining faithful, loving me unconditionally, and for the promise to uphold and sustain through life's journey and lead me safely home.  What a friend I have and you have in Jesus.  What a Savior.  Approaching each day with joy.  Mecca