Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Lamp, A Light and at all times a Delight!

Good Afternoon dear ones - I woke up very early this Saturday morning.  I felt a bit oppressed yesterday and went to bed with one of those "nagging" feelings, like something might be wrong, kinda' thought I knew what it was, but then, decided maybe not.  

Everyone of us have had that same feeling.  If you haven't, I would like to meet you.  I do remember whispering to the Lord as I closed my eyes, "All of you, Lord, none of me. Rest my heart, soul and body. Rest Frank tonight.  Let us wake in your likeness. Good night sweet Jesus.  Tell my sweet Daddy hello.  Thank you that you neither slumber nor sleep." 

I don't recall anything else until 5:30am when I woke up rested - but ole' negative Nellie was a bit irritated she hadn't been able to sleep a little bit longer on Saturday.  I got over it pretty quickly though.

As I thought about a good night's rest, the powerful presence of my Savior and His mercy towards me, this verse came to mind, "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  Ps. 105:119. You might think that doesn't particularly fit; but in that moment I realized that in this busy week of travel, deadlines and expectations from everyone and everything in my life, I had neglected His Word.  I rue the day I forget to spend time with the One I say I love above all and not even realize the absence of that lamp, that light, that delight!  Its absence in the lives of believers should cause all of us to have a "nagging" or "tugging" at our hearts.  Nothing should seem right in our world without the lamp, the light, and the delight and protection it brings.

I read where someone had commented that while we might never uncover all of the mystery and depth of His Word until we are made perfect and have all understanding, His Word is really meant to provide practical everyday guidance as much if not more than it is meant to amaze and challenge.  My thought is when I can be amazed and challenged and the Holy Spirit makes it practical for me, (because there's nothing in His way) I am really "walking in the light as He is in the light and have fellowship with others of like mind." I John 1:7

Speaking of practical guidance, I have gotten to the place in my life where my mind just cannot keep up with everything I am trying to accomplish.  I don't know if it's age or having too many things going on at the same time.  In the past two weeks I have forgotten to take my luggage with me to the airport, gotten cash for a trip and then left it in the car along with my debit card, forgot where I put my credit card, etc.  I have walked out of a room, forgotten where I was going or why, retraced my steps, had my "aha" moment, turned around and forgotten again. I saw a greeting card the other day that said, "remember when we used to laugh at old people - what was so d--n funny?"  I say, "Exactly!" 

These are the times that Frank says I will run over animals, fire hydrants and small children if I'm not more careful.  

He has started leaving me little notes all over the house.  On the dishwasher - "Do not open," so I won't open it during the drying cycle.  A message on the floor in front of the door to the garage, "Heat,"  because I can't remember to adjust the thermostat, a sticky note in my purse, "have you got your phone," or "I really do love Mecca - Bubba."

Isn't that what the Lord Jesus does for us through His Word and through other believers who know and love His Word speaking truth into our lives?  He leaves me reminders through His Word of the snares and traps the devil has set for me each day or the ditches and potholes I must avoid on a regular basis. Some of the snares and traps I've never experienced and wouldn't know to look for them without His prompting.  

What I believe is that the Word of God amazes, confounds, illuminates, pierces, discerns, calls out, rebukes, comforts, convicts, wraps me in love, covers me in full armor, gives me wisdom, common sense, faith, perspective, quenches my thirst, feeds my soul, frees me from worry, is forever settled in Heaven, points out the ditches, potholes and traps of life and so much more.  Trying to describe alI that God's Word does and means to the very air that I breath is like trying to "fill the ocean with ink or using the sky as parchment."  Its benefits and wisdom are eternal and "past finding out."   The more I understand the depth of God's Word, the more time I spend with its Illuminator, Author, Finisher of my faith, "light of the world" and the reason we will need no sun or moon in Heaven, the less "nagging" I will feel; and the fewer pot holes or ditches I will experience - and all of the pain as a result of those experiences.  

Who can be silent about the infinite power of God's Word?  My Heavenly Daddy says if I keep silent, the rocks will cry out.  Who can forget it?  The sad truth is, I can.  

Not Christ in me, but "I" can, save for the constant, precious reminders from His heart to mine.  May I never venture so far from the "light" that I don't even recognize it has grown dim and faded.   My constant prayer is that I would be saturated in His Word, be filled with Him and void of me so that His light shines brightly - that He can use this broken, empty vessel to fill and use for His honor and glory.

I hope anyone reading this will begin saying on a daily basis, "Lord, none of me, all of you." In every situation, I have never found that prayer to fail.  The only way that has happened in my heart is by yielding to His Word, in obedience to His commands with a sincere desire to know the heart of God through His Word.

Now, it you were raised a good Baptist, that sounded just like an invitation.  We might be on the 14th verse of Just As I am, and somebody better respond so we can all go home for pot roast, potatoes, onions and carrots or maybe just a hot dog.

And for those of us who grew up in Sunday School, we all learned the simple yet powerful song, "The B-i-b-l-e, yes that's the book for me; I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-i-b-l-e."  

Are you humming it now?  Shout it, stand on it, believe it, and live it.  Glorious, precious peace is waiting for those who do.  

It is truly a lamp, a light, and at all times a delight (even as a wielding sword)!  

Love to you all.   Joyfully, Mecca